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KnowledgePiece is a community of former employees and part-time members of Fujitsu and other major IT vendors. Currently, we have around 20 employees and staff members, as well as 130 advisors. Leveraging their expertise, experience, and networks, we form optimal teams tailored to clients’ needs and provide various advisory, consulting, and sales support services. 

In order for overseas companies to expand their business in the Japanese market, we support:

  • Strategy planning to enter the Japanese IT market

  • Sales promotion and partner development

  • Recruiting and staff outsourcing 

Strategy planning to enter the Japanese IT market

We provide support in creating strategies for overseas IT companies looking to enter the Japanese market.  We would like to hear about your company's products and services, sales records and case studies in overseas markets, as well as the proposed product and expansion strategies for Japan, and then we can assist with estimating target markets and sizes in Japan, conducting competitive analysis, identifying competitive advantages, and provides advice on sales strategies and partner strategies.

Fees : 300,000 JPY per month (excl. tax) x 6 months, assuming 30 hours working time by 2 persons per month

Sales promotion and Partner development

For overseas vendors with limited track records in the domestic market, breaking into major clients and large-scale system integrators (SIers) can be challenging. At KnowledgePiece, we leverage the extensive network of our 130 advisors to support the development of  prospective customers and partnerships with SIers and others. We also provide advice on sales targeting and proposal materials, as well as appropriate follow-ups in case of slow progress in negotiations.

Fees: 300,000 JPY per month (excl. tax) x 6 months, targeting 2 new appointments per month

Recruiting and Staff outsourcing

Recruitment support

At KnowledgePiece, we have obtained a license for recruitment support services and offer talent introduction services, focusing on experienced senior professionals from domestic IT vendors, primarily talent with a background at Fujitsu, one of the largest IT vendors in Japan. The introduction fee is, significantly lower than other agencies, set at 20% of the annual salary.

Staff outsourcing service

We provide staff outsourcing service as well. Hourly (x hours per week) or daily (x days per week) basis contract will be made through KnowledgePiece


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